2. Jake shares his secret.

Jake took a seat beside Joe at the ice cream parlor. He had in his hand a mini scoop of orange sherbet ice cream. “Joe… I didn’t want to tell you that I’ve been doing other things besides diet and exercise because it made me feel silly. I’m only telling you now because it’s actually working! You see we’ve been through so many fad diets and we’ve lost weight together but we always ended up gaining it back. I just took an honest look at things and I realized that there are people out there that eat right and excercise on a regular basis that don’t use fad diets but they are in shape. They are healthy. If they aren’t using fad diets then why should I? ”

“Those people that you are talking about, they have better will power than us. I could never eat what they eat all the time. That’s impossible. I like food too much. So do you. Eventually you’ll break down and you’ll start eating like you used to. It’s happened before. Look at me. Just about 6 months ago when we were dieting I would have never had this ice cream but look. I ‘m having one now. I had one yesterday and I’ll probably have one tomorrow. It’s just a matter of time.”

“Joe do you remember Frank?”

“You mean Fat Frank? He moved away. I heard that he’s a Yoga trainer or something. I heard that he lost a lot of weight. Some people say that he had liposuction or that he had his stomach stapled or something. Is that what you did? I heard that surgeries are expensive and I can’t afford that.”

“No Joe it’s nothing like that. Frank did lose the weight. He looks great now. I had a talk with him just before we started our last diet and he’s been working with me ever since. He hasn’t gained the weight back and neither will I. It has nothing to do with will power or surgery.”

“Then what is it!?” wonder Joe a loud.

“I changed my mind.”


I changed my mind. All of those fad diets that we were on. They were unrealistic. Could you imagine never eating carbs again? Or that cabbage soup?

Ya you’re right. That soup was terrible. To think that’s all I ate for a week! So how do I get on realistic diet and stay on it?

Good question.

You see it’s easy to get on a diet. I know that you know that. We’ve been on dozens of diets through out the years. The problems is, not matter how much will power you have, you can’t stay on a diet. Here is the key, it’s not about diets… it’s about lifestyle.”

But we’ve both tried that in the past. Eat right and exercise. That’s what we did this time. How come it worked for you and not for me?

The reason why it worked for me is because I now believe that I’m a thinner and healthier person and that I deserve to stay that way. I changed my mind!

What are you talking about?

We should call Frank. He’s been helping me lose and keep the weight off. Why don’t I drop by your place tomorrow and we can give him a call.

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