Jim Carrey The Power of Consciousness (Inspiring Video)

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Jim Carrey is not only an excellent actor and comedian, but also someone who is part of the new wave of conscious awakening.

A while ago he had said in an interview that he was only going to do movies that had a sort of meaning or message. And I believe he has been a man of his word. His movies are very funny but also in a way meaningful.

In this video I found he talks about being in the present moment since it is all we have, there is no past or future, just the “right now” moment. Most of us get trapped in the movement of thought. He says that he woke up and realized how thought was an illusory thing and how thought is responsible of the suffering we experience. After that, he suddenly realized that he was looking at those thought from a different perspective and asked himself “who is it that is aware that I am thinking?”…..watch this amazing video.

Most people go to the super bowl…..I am the super bowl.” ~Jim Carey

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