Keep Your Business Booming This Summer

Summer Slow DownDo want to stop your business from slowing down this summer?

It’s summer time. Time for fun. Time for spending time outdoors and going to barbeques with friends. For many network marketers it can also mean a huge slow down in their business.

Maybe you mentally take a break. For the sake of your futre don’t take a break from your network marketing business this summer.
For sure, you’ll have members of your team that will take a break and also many of your prospects will not be thinking about their future. Most people don’t want to start a business in the first place and the interest goes down even more during the summer.

So what do you to stop your business from slowing down?

Both ways, include concentrating on getting customers so, if you don’t like the idea of getting customers, then this probably isn’t for you. I will explain it briefly here but I go into more detail in my free audio download about building momentum in your network marketing business.
These work well with people that love you and will support you in your buisness but just aren’t into starting their own business. They work well if you have a product that samples well or is a transfer product. A transfer product is a product that is in the same category of product that your prospect is going to buy anyway. Things like coffee, cleaning supplies, energy drinks, make up etc. You don’t have to convince your prospect to buy the product, they are just switching to your brand.

The Girl Scout Cookie Approach
I learned this by listening to an audio by Lisa Grossman. It’s called the Girl Scout Cookie Approach because the girl scouts use a very similar script with extremely efficient results.

“(Their name), I started a new (coffee, make up, essential oils) business. I need to find (10) trial customers to get myself into the next rank in the company. Are you open to trying my (coffee, lipstick etc) for a month? If you like it then great, you can become a preferred customer of mine. If you don’t like it, just let me know and I’ll never bring it up again. Can I count on your support?”

This is a very strong script. One of the teammates that I sponsored into the business, Az Haywood used it and he made 5 sales in his first hour. He also got 2 more sales from people calling him back that very same day.

I’ve personally never used this script and gotten lower than a 50% saying yes to being a trial customer.

Have a Summer Sampling Party or BBQ
People don’t like going to business opportunity meetings but they do like going to BBQs and parties. Don’t bait and switch your friends and family and surprise them with an opportunity if they are coming for a party. Make sure that they know it’s about your business. I strongly advise you to not talk about the business opportunity and to only talk about your product.

The key to a successful party that sell a bunch of product is to have a lot of people. Here’s the script that I use to pack the house.

“(Their name), I started a new (coffee, makeup etc) business and I’m having some people over for some food and also for free samples. I’m even going to be donig some give aways. Do you want to be included?”

When you have people over, have them try your product or if it’s appropriate do a demonstration of your product and use the girl scout cookie approach to get some trial customers. Put anyone who buys into a drawing for a free prize. It could be what ever you want: a gas card, a gift card or a month supply of product.

End Your Scripts Strong
In both examples, I ended the scripts strong.
“Can I count on your support?”
“Do you want to be included?”

People don’t want to say no to those questions so make sure you use them.

Getting customers may be the momentum you need to really get your business going. It puts some money in your pocket and it also builds your business volume. Just imagine if you had 10 or 20 people on your team getting an additonal 5-10 customers using these techniques? Powerful stuff.

Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos
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