Laws of the Universe: Actual Proof Why Giving Simply Isn’t Better Than Receiving

Laws of the UniverseLaws Of The Universe
You’ve probably heard this saying before.

It is better to give rather than to receive.

But how true is that statement?

This statement originated from the Bible, Acts 20:35:

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.

I think the true meaning of this statement has been misunderstood.

I recently put a lot of effort and thought into a gift for 2 friends of mine for their anniversary. They were moved to tears at the kind gesture and they were happy to receive it however seeing how much it meant to them made me feel good to give it.

It feels good to both give and to receive. But why would giving be better? It doesn’t necessarily feel better to give than to receive.

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The problem
There is problem by thinking that it is better give than to receive.

By thinking it is better to give rather than receive then there is an implication that the giver is better than the receiver. That can lead to people refusing gifts from a receiver.

Back when I was a nurse, one of my colleagues had an ugly divorce. Her ex husband left her with 2 things, the bills and the kids.

Luckily, she had a lot of friends and family to help her out. Unfortunately, she would refuse their help because she “wanted to prove that she could do it on her own”. She felt that it was better to give than it was to receive. So she refused to receive.

About 3 years later, she proved that she could do it on her own. Her life was stabilized and the family was less stressed. I applaud her for her efforts but what did she and her children lose from refusing the support of her friends and family?

While she was able to get out of her situation on her own, she would have been able to do it much faster with some help. Going through an ugly divorce can put a lot of stress on the family and she could have shortened the length of her stress and also the stress on her children if she was open to receive some help.

She also forgot one thing. Her heart was probably in the right place, she probably didn’t want to be a burden on her family but she was ripping off her family of the good feelings that come with giving. Remember how good it feels to help someone? Since my colleague refused the help of her family she blocked them from having those good feelings that would have come with giving to her and helping her in her time of need.

I learned this concept for Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind  by T. Harv Ecker 

In order to give, then someone has to receive.
Therefore both are necessary.
If both are necessary, then how can one be better than the other.
Giving simply isn’t better than receiving.

Both are equally good. If one person gives and the other receives then they both get to feel good. However, if the giver refuses to give or the receiver refuses to receive, then neither one of them get to feel good.

Feel good with receiving.  You deserve it.  The willingness to receive will bring you more blessings.

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