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mlm-recruiting1MLM Recruiting: Step into your prospect’s world
When it comes to MLM recruiting,most network marketers do a pretty good job at presenting the opportunity but most are not getting sales and sign ups. One BIG factor that’s important to know isn’t about your company it’s actually about your prospect. 

Why are they looking for something new?
When you are MLM recruiting, remember that people don’t buy based on logic. People buy based on emotion. If people really bought based on logic, then every body would be buying healthier food, driving less expensive fuel efficient cars, living in smaller homes etc.
While they buy on emotion, they will justify their purchases based on logic.
The fact that a company may have a break through product or is ground floor is all about logic. You have to make the purchase emotional. Find out why why they are looking in the first place?

Step into their world.
You should know why they are looking for something BEFORE you present them with your opportunity. Maybe even before you prospect them. They may express some dissatisfaction about their job. Or they may tell you that they don’t see their family as much as they like.

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You can start off by just asking one of these questions:
Why are you looking for something new right now?
Why would you join a business like this?

Typically their answer is one of 3 things.
-more money
-more time
-want to travel

Dig Deeper
It’s not enough to know that they want more money, time or want to travel. You have to make it emotional.
Ask them:
Why do they want more time?
Why do they want more money?
Where do they want to travel?

Ask them and then listen. Let them tell you. Sometimes your prospect will pour their heart out to you because you’ve been the only one to ever listen to them. They will give you “ammunition” to build a case of why they should be joining your team.

I once had a prospect tell me that he his only interaction with his children was that he kisses them good bye in the morning while they are still asleep in bed and he kisses them hello at night when they are already back in bed and that is why he is joining.

Can you see how more emotional that is? Finding out your prospects “emotional” why is much more powerful than telling them that your company has the best ever compensation plan.

A popular hurdle
I got pretty good at stepping into my prospect’s world unless they had this answer. If they answered my follow up question with this, I usually had difficulty.

When I asked someone, “Why do you want more money/time?”
I would get stumped when they would respond back by saying:

“Doesn’t everybody want more money/time?”

They would usually have a confused, isn’t that obvious sort of look on their face.

I got stumped and I didn’t know how to respond to that.
I would usually respond out of weakness and say, “That’s true,” and I would just continue on with the conversation however I really didn’t know the REAL reason why they would want to start a business with me.

I got stumped for a while and I don’t want you to get stumped either so let me share with what I learned from a colleague of mine. I was listening to Danny Nassi make some prospecting calls after Danny asked him, “Why are you looking to make more money?”

He responded with, “Doesn’t everyone want to make more money?”

Danny stepped into the prospect’s world and said, “You are right everyone does want to make more money but everyone has their own reasons. I’m curious, what are some of your reasons?”

Isn’t that a great response? When you step into your prospect’s world like Danny did, you’ll build rapport and build a bond with them. They’ll like you more and you’ll be able to make your plea for them to take action and join your team more emotional.

What if they won’t open up?
If they won’t tell you their “emotional” why, then don’t push it. I may still go on with the conversation or I might just end it. Remember you are looking for people that are hungry and want to make a change in their life. If you don’t “feel” right about them, then they probably are not a good fit anyway.

If you find out their motivation to start a business, then conversation isn’t about convincing them to join your team, it’s about seeing if they are a good fit for your team.  You’ll be able to make your offer more emotional. 

Create a great day!

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P. S.
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