Less is more in network marketing

less is moreLess is more in network marketing

Do you want to know why less is more when you prospect?
When I say that less is more, I don’t mean talking to less people. I mean saying and talking less when you prospect.

I’m been having some conversations with some people on Facebook  and for many people I’ll ask as simple question like:

Are you in network marketing?
How’s business?
How are you doing generating leads?
What do you do for a living?

They respond with sales talk.
I’m in (such and such) company we are ground floor, with the best comp plan and a scientifically proven product.

They start the sales talk and it isn’t really a sales situation.
It makes me wonder what there speech is like if it is a sales situation.

What do you do?
Imagine being in a conversation with someone (online or off line) and asking them, “So, what do you do for a living?” and they respond with:

“I sell products for the greatest skin care line on the planet, we have a scientifically proven formulation that was invented by a Nobel Prize winning scientist.”

That sort of sales talk really turns people off.

Less is more
Have you ever walked into a food court or a grocery store and their is someone there giving samples?
They only give you a little bit. Just enough to see if you like it. If you like it, you may buy it. They don’t give you a whole meals worth because if they did, you have no reason to buy it. Your hunger would be satifisfied.

Be like that when you prospect.
Give them just enough to be curious but not enough to satisfy their appetite.
If you satisfy their appetite, they won’t have any reason to come to a meeting or see a presentation.
If you give them a little information to spark some curiousity and they don’t really respond to it, don’t give them more information. It’s annoying. If that happened at the food court and they kept insisting that you keep trying samples that you didn’t like, you would get annoyed as well.

What should you say?
First thing is to focus on them. Ask them about them and look for their hot buttons. You have to learn how to build curiostiy. I use a specific formula called the WWO and I cover it in a blog post called “How To Make An Irresistible Offer

Second thing is to watch your sales language. Remember, sales language turns people off. Just think about how people respond to commercials. If it’s on the radio, they change the channel. If it’s on Youtube, they can’t wait for that countdown to finish and they happy press “skip ad”.   I cover sales talk in another blog post called “Get More Sales By Knowing The Difference Between Buzz and Hype in MLM

Remember, less is more in network marketing. If you can build their curiosity, you’ll be able to get more people looking at the presentation. That of course leads to more sales and sign ups.
Say less to more people and you’ll get better results.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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