Losing Hope Is The First Step To Success

Always Lose HopeLose Hope
I want you to lose hope!
That might sound like a very peculiar thing for me to say.

Most people, when they hear about losing hope, they think of the bottom end of the spectrum. When you lose hope, you drop into despair.

Sometimes hope is what you want. When you have despair and you feel like all of your efforts are useless just like you are spinning your wheels. You want to at least have hope.
But that is the least that you should shoot for.

Losing Hope Is The First Step To Success
Hope is a nice word but in it, it has presence of doubt.
While hope is nice to have, Faith is even better.
Losing all doubt is like graduating from hope into Faith.
Faith is the absence of doubt.
Faith is knowing.
Faith is believing.
Not believing that it CAN happen but believing that it WILL happen.

The absence of doubt
1% doubt does not equal faith.
It equals hope.
Either you have Faith, or you don’t.
It’s like being pregnant, you are or you aren’t .
You can’t be a little bit pregnant.

If you truly have FAITH then there is no need for hope.

What would you rather have?
If you had someone that was going to babysit your child and you asked them, “If my son is choking are you able to perform the heimlich maneuver?”

Would you rather hear:
1. I think I can do that. (With hope in their voice)
2. Yes, I can do that (with Faith and confidence in their voice)

Of course you would rather hear Faith and confidence.

The Law of Attraction is about Faith
The Law of Attraction doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you believe. If hope for something, you don’t really believe. Gaining Faith and believing is easier said than done but there are ways of programming your mind for Faith. One of the ways of auto suggestion is through constant repetition. Thinking and saying the reality that you want to manifest in existence over and over again can turn your hope into faith if you do it long enough. The trouble is that people often forget to do it in their day to day lives. One way to do it effortlessly is through Law of Attraction Life Hacks.

I invite you to lose hope and gain faith. It is a necessary step to success.

Create a great day!

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