Making MLM Money on Youtube


How do you get leads and make sales using Youtube?
Many people think that youtube marketing is just uploading a company video and putting a link to their personal company sign up page and people will just join or buy.
If you’ve tried it, you realize that it just doesn’t work that well.

In order to really gain traction using Youtube, you need 3 things.
2. Content
3. Call to action

In order to get some views when you are Youtube Marketing, you need to make sure that your video is about a specific keyword that people are searching for. Use a keyword that is popular, a great tool that you can use to do some keyword research is Keyword planner it’s free and it can be found here:
(for the purposes of this video, I used the keywords Youtube Marketing)
Once you pick a keyword. Do 3things.
1. Rename your video file to match your keyword. Make sure it matches exactly.
2. Make sure that your keyword or keywords come at the very beginning of your video title.
3. Make sure that your keyword or keywords come at the very beginning of the description of your video and that your keyword is “sprinkled” through out the description as well.

Doing that will get you more views.

Getting views when you are Youtube marketing really doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have valuable content so make sure that your video contains something that your prospect will find helpful.
If you are marketing and selling a weight loss product then perhaps make a video about 3 tips to lose the weight and keep it off throughout the holiday season. Make sure that one of the tips is to use your weight loss product.
If you make your video valuable when you are youtube marketing, people are more likely to share it and they are also more likely to follow your call to action.

Call to action
Youtube Marketing always includes a call to action. You may as well not even make a video unless you tell you prospect to do something. Your call to action could be to tell your prospect to opt in at a lead capture page in exchange for something of value like a free report or an audio program. It could be to purchase a product. If you don’t have a product ready to sell or if you don’t have a lead capture page then you could always just tell your prospect to email you with any questions.

Those are the 3 things that you need to make youtube marketing effective. It will give you credibility and it will also help you build a relationship with your prospect.

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