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urgencyMLM Creating Urgency

Sometimes a prospect wants to think things over or talk to there spouse or do some research.
That’s fine however you always want to create urgency with your prospect otherwise they will may get “cold” and uninterested.

Remember that people make decisions based on emotion and then they justify those decisions with logic.

If your prospect takes too long to decide, they have a chance of letting their emotions run low and not joining. It’s ok if they don’t join but it’s not ok for them to not join simply because they forgot why they would even get started.

Strike while the iron is hot and while emotions are high.

So can I be too pushy?
I wouldn’t suggest hard closing someone or being pushy because ultimately you don’t want someone on your team that will not work the business. Also being pushy with some that is analytical and wants to do their research will actually push them away from your business instead of towards it. The good thing about someone that is analytical is that if/when they do decide to join your MLM team, they are less likely to quit because analytical people don’t like admitting they are wrong.

Creating Urgency
The way I like to create urgency is to use the MLM compensation plan combined with the fear of loss.
People are more motivated by the fear of loss than they are of the possibility of gain.
Your MLM compensation plan probably has benefits for those that come in before others. They either benefit from the volume or make it easier to advance rank so use that part of the compensation plan and show your prospect that if they wait too long to join, they will miss out.

“You have to think about it? That’s cool. I do want you to know that I am going to be meeting up with another group tomorrow night and I’m doing a webinar the next night. If you join before any of those people, you will benefit from their volume.”

If someone is going to join, then they will be motivated to join before you do those meetings.

How to take it a step further|
Make a list of everyone that you have that’s on the fence.
Every time you recruit someone, call the first person on the list and say:
“(Bob), I know that you were thinking about joining, this is just a courtesy call. I met with Jerry earlier and I’m about to submit an application for him to join. I wanted to give you the chance to join before him, so you could benefit from his volume. Did you want to join before him?”

Do you see how that can build urgency? Bob may say yes or he may say no either way go to the next person on the list.
If Bob doesn’t join, then you say the exact same thing to the next person. How ever if Bob does join, you change it a little bit.

“Carl, this is just a courtesy call. I know that you wanted to think about it but I have 2 applications for Jerry and Bob to join. If you get in before them you’ll benefit from both of their volume. Do you want to benefit from this?”

As you can see this can work over and over. There was a time that I turned one application into 5 recruits simply because I leveraged the compensation plan to create a fear of loss.

Creating a urgency and creating a fear of loss can be very beneficial to your MLM business. Don’t use it to manipulate people. Just ask them a simple yes or no question. Sometimes the prospect needs a little bit of nudge and leveraging the compensation plan can do just that.

Is that powerful?  Do you think that you can do this to create urgency with your next prospects that want to think about it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Create a great day!

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P. S.
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