MLM Myth Revealed: The Biggest Myth That Network Marketers Believe

mythMLM Myth Revealed

Do you want to know the biggest myth that network marketers believe?
I believed this myth for years and it cost me a lot of friendships and it cost me a lot of business. Once I realized that my belief was a myth, I was able to build my business more effectively and also make a lot more friends.

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“Network marketing is for everybody and everybody is for network marketing.”

That statement is a myth.

Network marketing isn’t for everybody. It’s only for people who want a change and are willing to work for it. Network marketing isn’t easy, like so many people claim. It’s hard! However, some people are willing to work hard for themselves rather than for others at a job. Some people want to have the the security of a job. They don’t want to own a business, they would rather rely on someone else for income. Who is to say that network marketing is better? If someone is happy at their job then leave them alone. Even if someone is unhappy with their job but they are unwilling and too closed minded to look else where, leave them alone. Trying to change someone’s opinion that has been programmed into their mind since birth is difficult and frustrating task.

What do you think is easier? Finding someone who is open minded about network marketing or trying to convince someone that is closed minded about network marketing?

If you realize how true this statement is, you’ll become a better networker. Prospecting will become easier for you. You can take the pressure off of yourself and go through a sorting and a qualifying process rather than a convincing and begging process. You don’t have to get a yes from everybody. You just have to get an answer. If the answer is “NO” then you get to talk to someone else.

Jobs Suck
I used to say that a lot. All of my network marketing friends agreed with me but it didn’t make me friends to those that grew up thinking, “Go to school, get good grades and get a safe secure job.”
Some people are very proud of their jobs. The truth is jobs don’t suck. We need people to have jobs. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. If everyone was an entrepreneur then there would be no one left for the entrepreneurs to hire.

Stop believing the myth and start believing the truth. You don’t have to convince the world that network marketing is amazing. All you have to do is find people that are open to listening and if you when you stumble upon someone that is open minded, they could be your next business partner.

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