MLM Objections: Reacting vs Responding

This one is a big one and this small adjustment will make a huge difference to your success when it concerns mlm.

That distinction is whether you react to an objection or you respond to an objection. The primary difference between a response and a reaction is how you make the potential customer feel. A bunch of network marketers have  these canned responses to objections that make them feel good however they do not close sales.

There is a saying that I learned from one of my first mentors by the name of Chad Wade.

“You can be right or you can be rich.”

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Let’s take a take some typical objections

I don’t have enough money:
Reaction: Of course you have money, it might not be on your nightstand or in your bank account but you have access to it if you want it bad enough.
Response: If you had the money, would you want to join? Let’s talk about how we can get you started with what you have.

 I don’t have the time
Reaction: You don’t have the time? C’mon you spend all evening playing games on fb and watching TV.
Response: A lot of people are busy and they think that they don’t have the time to get started. How many hours per week could you devote to this?

Here is a parallel from my past profession as a nurse.
When I offered a patient a medicine if they reacted to it, that would be a bad thing. It would mean they are allergic or establishing a rash or some various other side effect and I would have to make modifications. On the flipside, if they replied to the medication, that would be a good thing. That would suggest that the medicine is working and doing what it is supposed to do.

Among the best things you can do is find out ways to respond to objections. You’ll see a huge modification in your business.

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