MLM Prospecting: 3 Things That Really Matter To Your Prospect That You’ve Forgotten

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting
Sometimes when you are prospecting, you get mixed up and think that just because something is important to you, then it will also be important to your prospect.

Often as Network Marketers we let our emotions get the better of us because we are so passionate about our company, our product/service and our opportunity.

When Emotions are High… Intelligence is Low!

When you are passionate about something you often do things that are just stupid.
Sometimes when you are madly in love with someone, you’ll do something crazy for them or something foolish just to see them.
When you are are angry, sometimes you might say or do something that you later regret.

The same is true when you are passionate about your network marketing business.
We think that people will join our team because you have the best company or the best product or the best comp plan.

While those things may seem very important, here are 3 things that matter to your prospect much more and really determine whether they will buy or join.
If you keep these 3 things in mind, you’ll get better at prospecting, you’ll get better results and get more sales and sign ups while you are growing your team and your business.

1. Do they like you
Amateur network marketers think that they their prospects will join their team because of these reasons:
-the company is cool
-the product/service is cool
-the comp plan is cool

The real reason why someone will join your team isn’t because they think the company is cool or the product is cool or the comp plan is cool.  They join because they think that you are cool.

The sales profession is more relational than it is transactional. If you are a likeable person then people will want to buy from you. It doesn’t guarantee that they will buy from you but at least they will want to.

This reminds me of one of my coaching clients who is in a cosmetics company.. She is so bubbly and personable and often when she does an open house or a home meeting some of her prospects say something like this:

“The business isn’t for me but I like you. I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything but I do want to support your business. I’ve got to buy something.”

Not all of her prospects end up buying or joining but most of them like her so much that they they buy something. They might not buy the “big kahuna” business starter package for $1500 but at least they’ll buy something. It could something small like a tube of lipstick. Many of them become repeat customers.

Being likeable is more important to your success in sales than having a good product or a good comp plan. Sometimes the way you brag about how good your company, product and/or comp plan is, it will actually turn your prospect off rather than convince them to buy or join.

Action: Remember to by likable when you prospect. The best way to be interesting is to be interested.

2. Do they want it
Sometimes when we get rejected and our prospect says no, we think about what we could have done differently in order to have gotten a yes.

Often, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how good your pitch is or how good the company appears to be. If they are in a time of their life where they are just not looking then the answer will be no. You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person.

Imagine this:
What if your best friend who is head over feet in love got engaged last night but you try to set them up on a blind date today?
No matter how well you try to build up this potential date to your best friend. They simply won’t accept.

It doesn’t matter if the date that you had in mind for your best friend:
– is super good looking
– with a great personality
– has sexy body
– has a great sense of humor
– and is smart and intelligent.

The timing just isn’t right. They don’t want to go on a blind date, because they just got engaged to the love of their life yesterday.

Sometimes (actually most of the time), the reason your prospect says no is because the timing just isn’t right in their life.
They just aren’t in a open minded state:
They might have just gotten a job or a promotion that they are excited about.
They may have just declared bankruptcy or got their car repossessed or their home foreclosed on and they just aren’t in the state of mind that they think they are worth it or that they can do it.
They may have just won the lottery so they don’t care about joining a new business.
Or sometimes it’s something simpler. They might be going on vacation or fishing season just started and all they want to think of right now is having fun instead of thinking about their future.

When the timing isn’t right, it doesn’t matter how good your company or how good your sales pitch is. You’ll still get a no. Be okay with that. If you start to resist and talk to them about why you think it still a good idea, you run the risk of of them liking you less.

Action: BE quick to disqualify and keep the energy so you can prospect them later.

If you want to know the 3rd thing that really matters to your prospect then check out the video:

Remember these 3 things when you prospect. It will make your rejections easier to handle and it will also make you more effective and more efficient with your prospecting which will lead to better results in your business.

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