MLM Prospecting: A Vital Thing To Remember That Many Over Look

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting
Do you realize that you are an ambassador?

Every time you prospect someone or post about your business on social media you are representing 3 things.

Once your recognize what and who you are representing, it makes your prospecting a lot more professional and you will have better results.

1. You Are Representing Your Brand
Whether you are actively trying to build your brand or not, remember that it’s a small world. You think that when you are prospecting that people are only judging your opportunity or your company but they are also judging you.

Your character and your reputation matter.

If some random person approached you on the street or on social media and promised you an opportunity with “the best company” or “the best product” or “the best compensation plan” how would your react?

If you are like me, you would just block them.

Be professional when you are prospecting.

Don’t be arrogant and don’t put someone down because they have a job, they will never join your team or buy your product if they don’t like you.

“All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” ~Bob Burg

2. You Are Representing Your Company
For the sake of your business and others that are up line, down line and cross line from you, remember to act professionally. If a prospect perceives you as rude, it will reflect on your company. This applies not only to you but to others as well. If you notice someone else who is acting unprofessionally with their prospects, wait for an appropriate time and let them know. This is a team sport. If someone in your company looks bad and unprofessional then it reflects on the entire company and it will affect your business. Don’t be that bad apple that ruins the whole bunch.

3. You Are Representing The Network Marketing Profession
There is a reason why there is a negative stigma around the MLM profession.
Many of us seem to think it’s because others (y’know the ones who won’t join us) are ignorant and brainwashed.

Are you willing to try on the possibility that the problem isn’t them, it’s us?

Whether it’s true or not, we are known for bugging our friends and family. We are known for nagging, begging and guilting people into joining.
Some are so passionate that they put common sense aside and as a result they alienate themselves. They are avoided at family gatherings because people fear they will get pitched.

If we all started acting more professional then perhaps network marketing would actually get recognized as a profession.

Network Marketing is more relational than it is transactional. That’s means if people like you, then they are more likely to join or buy. It’s more about the relationship and the connections that you build than it is about the value that your product brings.

It’s about emotion not logic.

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