The 2 Cs You Need To Get Prospects Chasing You

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There are 2 things that you want to be really good at when you are MLM prospecting in a social setting.

It could be when you are out at a social gathering or networking meeting and you decide to prospect someone.

The first thing that many people are good at when they are MLM prospecting is building curiosity. They can find their prospect’s hot buttons and really get someone interested.
You can do this several ways. Listen for areas of either pain or pleasure in their life and build upon that.
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The whole idea is asking questions so that people are interested in your product/service or your business so that they actually want more information.
As I said before, most MLMers are pretty good at the curiosity part of MLM prospecting however they don’t do so well at the second part and the second part is very important.

You must have self control and not tell them too much when you are MLM prospecting.
Many individuals get very excited and instead of prospecting they start presenting. Don’t get them mixed up.
You are their to prospect not to present.
Leave the presenting for a later time.
If they are interested and want to hear more then say something like this, “You know it takes a bit to really explain and this isn’t the time or the place to do it so let’s talk it about it over coffee.”
Keep them wanting more. Give them the “gift” of anticipation when you are MLM prospecting so that they are looking forward to meeting with you and you’ll have an easier time presenting.

Here’s an analogy:
When you are at Costco or at the food court there are people there offering you free samples to entice you to buy the food.
Notice they give you enough to make curious but not enough to satisfy your appetite. If they gave you enough to satisfy your appetite, then you would never buy.

Here’s another one:
When you are telling a friend to go see a great movie, you will tell them enough to get them interested but you won’t ruin it for them by telling them the end of the movie.

Don’t satisfy your prospect’s appetite don’t, tell them the end of the movie when you are MLM prospecting. ┬áKeep them wanting to hear more. If you do that, you’ll have more people coming to your presentations and wanting too look at your product/service or business!

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