MLM Prospecting: Something That You Are Doing That Makes You Look Desperate

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting
There is nothing that turns a prospect off more than desperation. If you want anyone who is hardworking, hungry and open minded to join your team then you must look and act like a leader. This isn’t about “faking it til you make it” it’s simply about taking control of a situation and holding on to energy of a conversation.

Many network marketers do things that make them look desperate in front of their prospects and it doesn’t make a good impression. It could ruin their chances of recruiting a leader or a hard worker on to their team. The sad part about looking desperate is many people don’t even realize that what they are doing is actually sabotaging their success.

If you are really excited about your opportunity (and I hope that you are excited!) here is something that you might not even realize you are doing that makes you look desperate to your prospect.

Too Much Information
Recently (in fact it was yesterday), one of my friends on facebook reached out to me and after some catching up, they explained that they were excited because they joined a new company and asked if I wanted to have a look. I had heard of their company before but I didn’t know much about it so I said yes.

Now this person did really well, they didn’t send me an unsolicited link. They didn’t copy and paste a regurgitated message to see if they I would be open to looking at something. They actually acted like a human being and had a real conversation with me. They did great!

However, I can tell that this person is very excited and passionate about their new company because instead of merely sending me a quick video that explained their company and opportunity, they sent me 5 video some of which were 25 -30 mins each in length. This made them look desperate. By the way… I used to be very guilty of overloading my prospects with information.

Your job as network marketer isn’t just to provide information, it’s to make your prospect curious. Give them just enough to really wet their appetite and determine if they want more. If they do, then give them a little bit more and after they consume that information, if they want more, then give them even more. If you send too much information to a prospect that just wants to have a look, they will get overwhelmed. Many of them won’t even look at the information because they feel like they don’t have time to look at all of the information that you provided to them.

Imagine this:
What if I asked a girl out on a date and she accepts?
Now what would happen if I gave her all sorts of information about the date I have planned for her so that she would be convinced that she made a good decision to go on a date with me?
What if I sent her my resume so she could learn more about me?
What if I sent her the restaurant websites and reviews so she’ll know what she wants to order?
What if I emailed her about the car I would be driving to pick her up?
What if I also sent her the movie reviews of the movie we were going to see?
Would that make me look desperate?

It would probably scare her away. Just like too much information will scare off a prospect.

What should you do instead?
Instead of overwhelming your prospect with information, pick one video that is that will make your prospect curious and excited to learn more. When you have your prospect look at it say something like this:

“Here is a quick video that I want you to watch. It is designed to introduce you to what we are doing and to see if you want more information.”

Notice the psychology of the wording. You said, “quick video”. In their mind, they can take some time to watch a something quick. You also warned them that they aren’t going to get the complete picture but if they have questions, they can always get more information.

If after watching the video, if your prospect wants to see more then great! Take them to the next step. If they don’t then leave them alone and spend your time prospecting someone else.

Keep Control
You must keep control of 2 things.  First you must keep control of yourself.  I understand that you are excited about your company (and you should be excited because your company is awesome and if you don’t think your company and product are awesome then you are probably in the wrong company) but you must control yourself from providing too much information. You may have gotten samples at the food court or at the grocery store and they give you just enough so that you want more and hopefully you’ll buy. If they gave you a whole meal, then you are no longer hungry so their is no reason fro you to buy. Do the same thing with your prospect. If you give them just enough that gets them excited then they’ll want more information. However, if you overwhelm them with information they’ll think they already know everything they need to know and there is no reason for them to go further in the process.

Second, you must keep control of the conversation.  If you give them all the information, then they have the control. They can decide when they want to watch it and if they want to connect. If you hold back then you keep the control, if they want more information, you can always send them more or meet with them in person, do a 3 way call etc and put them through the process.

BTW:  In case you are wondering, the company that this person showed me, looked like a great company and I decided that by looking at half of the first video.

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