Don’t Prospect Until You Know this: The #1 Prospecting Secret

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MLM Prospecting

MLM Prospecting is one of the most important activities that you can do to become successful. Especially at the beginning.

Many people would rather just do some marketing and wait for people to come to them however in the beginning marketing won’t support your business on it’s own. You must prospect.

MLM Prospecting can be very intimidating especially for the new network marketer. They might be afraid of rejection or they just might feel uncomfortable on the phone.

The big secret for MLM Prospecting success is to talk to a lot of people.
For most, this seems like a difficult task however it’s only difficult if you don’t know how to do it efficiently.

MLM Prospecting becomes very quick and efficient when you realize that you are there to collect decisions. You are not there to try to convince them to join.

It only takes a couple moments to find out if they are interested.
If they are, then book them into the next step.
If they are not interested, then talk to the next person.

Once you know that MLM prospecting is really about collecting a decision, then you it can be very simple to prospect 5, 10, 20 or more people each day.

The big secret is to say less to more people.

What do you say?

There is the Ray Higdon approach:
“Are you at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing.

Or you can use the Todd Falcone approach:
“Are you at all open to making ANY money outside of (their profession).”

There are many ways to collect a yes or no decision and to make this even easier, since you know that you are talking to so many people, divorce yourself from their response. Don’t be addicted or affected by the outcome.

When you are MLM Prospecting it’s ok if they say “no”, as a matter of fact if they aren’t open then they don’t qualify to even be on your team. You want people that are open.

Saying less to more people will make you MLM prospecting more fun, more efficient and more lucrative.

Did you get value from that? Will that make prospecting easier?
Let me know in your comments below.

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P. S.
People often tell me that they have no one to talk to, that they don’t have leads to invite and present to. It’s a big problem to have but it’s also easy to solve. If you want to know how to get an endless supply of leads for free or very little cost then go and solve that problem.

What’s the 90 in 90?

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