MLM Prospecting: The 2 Biggest Reasons Why Your Prospect Won’t Buy That Even Your Upline Probably Doesn’t Know – Part 1 of 2

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting

If your product is so incredible then why is that no one will buy it?

If your company is so great, then why won’t anyone join?

When you are building a business you will get rejected. That’s just part of the entrepreneurial experience. Many network marketers are so blinded by their own enthusiasm that they don’t really understand why their prospect won’t buy or join.

If you don’t understand why they won’t do business with you, if could make the mistake of merely thinking that they are stupid, brain washed or ignorant. That kind of thinking will not get you any success in this profession.

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Not A Fit
You might have an awesome product. It could be scientifically proven, a breakthrough product and is invented by a Nobel prize winning professor at prestigious university. Everyone should have and use your product so it should be easy to sell right?


Let’s take for example organic vegetables. Organic vegetables are simply better for you, most people will not argue about that. However, most people do not buy them even though they are just a little bit more money.


Here is a secret that is painfully obvious but most don’t want you to know. The people who don’t buy organic vegetables actually value money more than their health. (Shhh!!!! You didn’t hear it from me)  They may not admit it but that is what they are saying with their actions.

Now, if they won’t even pay a little bit extra for some organic vegetables, then how on earth will you be able to sell them your miracle pill, shake or lotion for $50 -$100 for a months supply?

The enthusiastic network marketer will try to reason with them.
“You’ve got to try this because, I heard a great story about Jane who lost 70 lbs by using the product and you really need it because it’s scientifically proven and it’s a break through product. I’ve used for a week now and I’m already feeling a lot better and I’ve lost 5 lbs and I haven’t changed my diet. My wife uses it and she’s less moody and sleeps better…. blah, blah, blah”

They reason why they won’t buy is simple. They just aren’t a good fit.

No matter what you think or what your upline tells you, your market isn’t everyone.

Target Market

Just because everyone needs your product doesn’t mean that everyone is your target market.

You target market shouldn’t be everybody who needs your product. Your target should be those that are most likely to buy your product.

If your product is a weight loss shake then don’t market to the people who need to lose weight, market to one or more of these categories of people.
-people who are actively trying to lose weight (not the ones who say they need to lose weight but still eat junk food)
-people who already eat meal replacement shakes
– people who are always trying the new fad diets
– people who work out
– people who spend money on their health

You target market shouldn’t those who need your product. Your target should be those that are most likely to buy your product.

Can you see what I mean? Don’t you think it would be easier to market to these types of people instead of everyone else who won’t even spend a couple bucks on a Slim Fast shake?

It’s the same for your business. Most people just don’t want to start a business. It doesn’t matter if you tell them about residual income and how much you think jobs suck. If you try to convince everyone that they need to start a business, you’ll just get frustrated, instead market to these types of people.
-people who what a change
-people who complain about their jobs or their boss
-people who are entrepreneurial minded

I think you get the picture. Your target market isn’t everyone. If someone isn’t your target market, then you don’t want them on your team anyway. Trust me, if you actually convince them to join, you’ll waste a lot of time and you’ll get frustrated with their lack of ambition.

The biggest reason why your prospect won’t buy or join is because it just isn’t a good fit for them. They aren’t your target market.

So, all you have to do is analyze your product and/or your business and specify who your target market is. Once you do that, you’ll have an easier time prospecting and you’ll have more success.

This all seems so simple but it took me years and years of frustration to finally figure it out. I wish I would have realized this earlier. Some of my mentors tried to tell me but I was just too stubborn to listen. Don’t be like me.

You can see the second reason why your prospect won’t join or buy in my next MLM blog post.

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