MLM Prospecting: The 2 Biggest Reasons Why Your Prospect Won’t Buy That Even Your Upline Probably Doesn’t Know -Part 2 of 2

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting
Last week,

I asked the following questions:

If your product is so incredible then why is that no one will buy it?

If your company is so great, then why won’t anyone join?

There are 2 main reasons why your prospects aren’t buying or joining. I blogged about the first one last week. If you want to see what it is then go to this post:

What’s the second reason they won’t buy or join?
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You Are Too Scared
Here is something that you need to hear that will be painful.

You are missing out on sales simply because you are too scared to ask.

There are 2 ways that you miss out because you aren’t asking for the sale.

1. You Predjudge
I remember I was the MC for a regional training event where people traveled from different states to participate. . Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my friends there. He was happy and excited because he was getting recognized for his latest rank advancement. I felt the sting of regret when he said, “I wish I would have known that you were part of this. I would have joined with you and we could have worked together.”

The worst part wasn’t that I missed out on some massive volume that would have benefited my business, it was that he was on my list of people to call. But instead of calling him, I figured he wouldn’t join. I waited and then someone else prospected him before me.

There are people that you know that will buy from you or join your team. You won’t know who they are until you talk to them about your business. Some of them are hungry for a change and you can help them. If you are not addicted to the outcome then asking your prospecting your friends is easy. You just have to call them and collect a decision. If you don’t know what to say then choose one of the recruiting questions from my free audio. Your job is to simply ask them. It’s not to convince them to join or buy if they say no. Once you ask them, if they say no then you can cross them off the list. If they say yes then plug them into the next step of the system.

Simple eh?

2. You Don’t Close
Most network marketers are too scared of getting a no that they won’t even ask for the sale.

Imagine, a network marketer named Al who has an interested prospect that sees a presentation (it doesn’t matter if it’s a webinar, a one on one or a group presentation) . His prospect learns about the product and the company and seems pretty excited about it.

Afterwards, Al talks to him and says, “Thanks for coming! Let me know what you think.”

Al goes home excited because his prospect seemed very interested. He can’t wait for his prospect to call him and buy.


His prospect will never ever call. Never.

If you want a prospect to buy, you must ask them. For some reason network marketers think that if they have a good product, company and opportunity, then their prospect will call them a day or 2 after a presentation to say they want to buy. Actually it’s the opposite that is true. People buy based on emotion and you must ask them to buy when their emotions are high. If you wait until they come down from their excited state, they are more likely to say no.

Learn some simple low pressure closes and make sure to say them to your prospect after they have seen a presentation.
Many network marketers are good at asking, “What did you like best?”
Once you let your prospect tell you everything they like, that is the best time to say something like:

“Cool, are you ready to rock this?”
“Sounds to me like you are ready to join!”
“That’s awesome, are you ready to join?”
“How would you like to get started?”

Once they give you a yes, it’s time to take out the application form and start filling it out with them.

You’ll never know if your prospect really wants to join if you don’t ask them. So ask.
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