MLM Prospecting: The Absolutely Most Important Factor That Determines Whether You Get A Yes Or Not

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So, what do you think is the single biggest factor is that determines whether you get a yes or a no when you are prospecting?

Is it:
-your skill set?
-the comp plan?
-the company?
-the product or service?

It’s not any of those. All of them do matter but there is one factor that is even more important.

Is it whether they like you?
If you answered that, then you are more advanced than most network marketers because this is a huge factor! If your prospect likes you, they are more likely to buy from you. That’s why FORMing thing is so important. Ask your prospect about themselves. If you don’t know what FORM is, it’s just a simple guideline that will help you facilitate the conversation. Ask them about their :
R-Recreation and them tell them your

FORM is a great way to build rapport.

“All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” ~Bob Burg

Having your prospect like you is important to getting a yes, but there is another factor that matters more.

Is your prospect open minded?
The factor that matters most is how open minded your prospect is when you are asking them.

Getting a yes has more to do with your prospect (actually much more than most network marketers even realize) than it has to do with you or your skill set. (so relax and don’t worry about it)

Find out if your prospect is even interested or open minded. If they are then continue with the conversation. If they aren’t then talk to someone else. You might think that your product or opportunity is something that everyone needs but it doesn’t matter if they need it, what matters is if they want it.

You can’t sell a steak to a vegetarian.

Even a super star salesman will have trouble selling steak to a vegetarian and even if he someone convinces them to buy it, they will be a very unhappy customer.

Just like you can’t sell a steak to a vegetarian, you can sell a weight loss shake to an fat, out of shape person with diabetes and heart disease if they aren’t open minded enough to care about their health.

It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

What can you do about it?
Since it’s more about your prospect and less about your skill set, what can you do about getting more yeses?
You can try to get better buy reading more books and studying more courses and improving your skill or you can do something much more effective.

What is it? You can find out by watching the video.

So now you know what determines whether or not you get a yes and (more importantly) what you can do about it.

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