The Misconception of Warm Market Prospecting

phoneMLM Prospecting: The Misconception of Warm Market Prospecting

Have you ever groaned when your company or your upline tells you to make a list and to call them about your product/service or business?

Has your downline or even your prospect ever told you that they don’t want to talk to or bother their warm market?

There has been some stigma behind talking to your warm market especially on social media. Many people that big on attraction marketing are putting down warm market prospecting. Saying things like, “Stop nagging your warm market and build your business online” or “learn attraction marketing and have people approaching you instead of bugging your warm market”

Almost every network marketing company tells you to make a list and to call your warm market. There is a reason why they tell you to do it. It’s because it works! You just have to know how to do it properly.

There seems to be a big misconception about contacting your warm market. There are people on one side of the spectrum that are too scared to talk to their warm market and if they do they ask them out of weakness. “I started this side business thing, you wouldn’t be interested in having a look at it would you?”

Then there are people on the other side of the spectrum that will not only talk to their warm market but if their warm market says no, they try to convince them, nag them and accuse them of being small minded.

Both of these approaches are very unprofessional and it’s part of the reason why network marketing has such a stigma behind it. This stigma needs to stop and if we can’t talk to our friends and family about our products in a professional way then how can network marketing ever be seen as a profession?

There is more to prospecting (especially warm marketing prospecting) than the 2 extremes. There is a happy medium which allows you to prospect your warm market without feeling like you are bothering them and it doesn’t look or feel weak.

First things first. Let’s get this out of the way now.

If you think that prospecting your warm market is bugging them then you are doing it wrong.

If you want to learn how to prospect your warm market the professional way then try out these suggestions.

1. Just talk to them about your product.

Sometimes the people you want to talk to are people that you just don’t want on your team. They would make great customers but they would make terrible business partners. I have a great script that I use with these people in my free mp3 audio download:  How to build momentum in your network marketing business

Then there are those that are your burnt market. These are the people that have made it quite clear that they do not want you to approach them with any opportunity again. Ray Higdon teaches a great script that works well with your burnt market. It’s simple, it works and you’ll feel good using it.

“Bob, I joined another business. Now I know that you are not open to the opportunity but you may be interested in the product. Are you open to having a look?”

I know that you really want to recruit business owners rather than get retail customers. I happen to think that is a big mistake and I explain why in another blog post called, “This Mistake Is Costing You And Your Team Thousands of Dollars of Income” The way to get recruit business owners is to get more eyeballs on the presentation. How you get those eyeballs on the presentation does not matter. Just as long as it is moral, ethical and legal. Even though your prospects are looking at your company presentation as a customer or as an opportunity seeker does not matter. What matters is that you get eyeballs on the presentation. If you talk to enough people, you’ll find that some of your burnt market (even the most skeptical) will come back to you and say they want to join the business. They would have never even looked if you tried to convince them to watch by telling them some hype like “breakthrough product” and ground floor opportunity.

2. Approach them about the business without being concerned or addicted to the outcome.

A great way to approach your warm market is just ask them if they are open. It’s just like asking someone if they want something to drink when they come to your house for a visit.

The important part is if they say no. If they say they no then leave them alone and don’t try to convince them.

Imagine trying to convince a friend to drink some coffee after they decline an offer from you.

“You don’t want coffee? I know you don’t like coffee or drink coffee but you should. C’mon! I just brewed it and it’s imported.”

Does that sound familiar? It sounds like a desperate network marketer.

“You don’t want to join the team? I know that you have never thought about starting a business and that you are happy with your job but you should. C’mon! It’s ground floor with a breakthrough product.”

It sounds ridiculous when you are trying to convince them to drink coffee and it’s just as ridiculous if your are trying to convince them to join your team.

How do you ask them in a professional way?

There are different questions that you could as and seem professional but in the end, it’s just a yes or no question.  Say something like this:

“Is the timing right, that you are at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing or are you all set financially ?”

“Is the timing right that you would be at all open to making some extra income outside of being a mechanic (or realtor, or plumber or whatever their job happens to be)?

If they say, no then don’t try to convince them and don’t be weird about it. It’s no big deal, just treat it like they said no to coffee.

If you can learn how to approach your warm market in a professional way, you’ll be viewed as different. You won’t be put into the same category as the other nagging network marketers that don’t know how to take no for an answer. I have had people tell me that my attitude is refreshing and professional simply because I didn’t try to shove my opinion down someone’s throat. Unfortunately, that behaviour is the norm in our profession. Now what if all acted professionally? We would all benefit from it.

I dream of a time when you are congratulated (rather than shunned) for joining a network marketing company just like you are congratulated for getting a job, getting a promotion or even getting accepted into school.

If we act like professional then we will earn like a professional.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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