MLM Prospecting: These 2 Incredible Hidden Benefits Happen Every Time You Prospect

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting
At the beginning, prospecting is the life blood of your business. You can employ attraction marketing techniques but it does take a while for your marketing to gain momentum. Most network marketers end up quitting before their attraction marketing starts to really work so prospecting is very important.

Your Business Can Grow
Every time you have a chance to grow your business.

Would you take this bet?
I’ll flip a coin.
If it comes up heads, then you win $100.
However if it comes up tails, nothing will happen. You won’t lose anything.
You can do it as many times as you want.

You have a 50% chance of winning $100 and a 0% chance of losing any money.

How many times would you play?

What if the odds changed and we used dice instead of a coin and you only had a 1 in 6 chance of winning?

It doesn’t matter if the odds are 50% of winning or 1 in a million, most people would play ad much as they can because there is no downside.

This is the same as prospecting. Every time you prospect someone, they just might become a customer or a business partner. And if they don’t, buy or join, you haven’t lost a thing. When you first get started, your skills might not be where you want them to be but you’ll still have a chance to grow your business. If you don’t take the effort to prospect someone, then you’ll have no chance.

So why not take the time and effort and at least try?

This is the most obvious reason to prospect but unfortunately many network marketers think that it’s the only reason to prospect. There are 2 hidden benefits of prospect that many network marketers don’t think of and it can help them advance not only in business but also in life.

courage-2050840_960_7201. You Get Bolder
I get it. For some people, prospecting is scary. They are afraid of rejection and they are afraid of looking foolish. But once you prospect even just one time, you realize that it’s not nearly as intimidating as you thought it would be. Once you get your first one done, it will become easier the next time. And it will become easier the time after that. And so on. Your boldness is like a muscle and the more you use your boldness the bolder you will become. Once you prospect enough, you won’t be scared of prospecting anyone.

This boldness doesn’t only affect your prospecting, it affects other aspects of your life as well. Getting braver affects your chances of taking risks or going after opportunities that you would otherwise be too scared or too shy to attempt.

Success doesn’t just favor the smartest, prettiest or most talented. Success favors the bold.

There are plenty of people that have more talent than famous musicians or actors but the musicians became successful because they were bold enough to try.

update-1672367_960_7202. You Get Better And More Skilled
Imagine this scenario.

Al and Bob are using attraction marketing to grow their business.
Al decides to wait until the leads start to come before he talks to anyone about his business. He would rather talk to people that have reached out to him rather than prospect people.

Bob decides that he isn’t going to wait and just start prospecting while he waits for the leads to come in.

After a while, they each get 10 leads.

Now who do you think will be better at talking to those leads? Al who had no practice or Bob who has practiced?

The answer is obvious, it’s Bob. Bob is better simply because he has had more experience talking to leads.

Every time you prospect, you learn. Whether you are successful or not, you’ll still get a little bit better at prospecting every time you try. Don’t miss a chance to improve yourself in prospecting and business.

If you want to get better at prospecting, then the best way to get better is to do it. Do over and over and over again.

So now, you’ve know 2 incredible hidden benefits of prospecting.

Will this help you prospect more?

I trust that it will.

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