MLM Recruiting: 5 steps to making a cold call


Cold Calling in MLM is a great way to expand your business.
Some people are reluctant to call their warm market so cold calling is a great alternative.
For those that like to call warm market, doing cold calls is a good way to practice and something that many eventually do because your warm market will eventually run out.

So how do you make a cold call?
There are 5 steps:
1. Find a lead
2. Call them, do a quick intro and build rapport
3. Ask them a qualifying question
4. Collect a decision.
5. Schedule an appointment.

Find a lead
This can be done in several different ways, you can call a realtor sign or just call someone’s business card. There are dozens of ways of finding an unless supply of people to call. If you need help with that, grab my copy of “How to Get an Endless Supply of Leads For Free Or Very Little Cost” it’s on my website and it’s very inexpensive.

Call them, make a quick intro and build rapport
Tell them how you found their name and introduce yourself.
“I was driving down elm street and I saw the house your are selling.
I’m a business owner in the community and I wanted to connect with you.”
As far as building rapport with a prospect, if it’s a cold call you want to get to the point as quick as possible. You don’t want to invest too much time on the wrong type of person and they may not be very receptive since they don’t know who you are. If you want some questions to help you out and build rapport, you can download my free audio called, “Recruting Questions That Work”

Ask a qualifying question
This is where you find out if they are open to something new/extra.
There are 2 approaches that I like to use
Todd Falcone approach:
“Would you at all be open to making any extra money outside of real estate (or whatever their profession happens to be)?”
Ray Higdon approach:
“Would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing?”

Collect a decision
It’s a simple yes or no question.
If they say yes then schedule an appointment.
If they say no then politely dismiss them and talk to the next person.
***Notice that this isn’t about trying to convince someone that the need to to something else. This is about collecting a decision.

Schedule an appointment
If they say yes or want more information, offer to send them an email but first make sure you have a time to follow up.
“If I send you some information it will take about 30 minutes to have a look at it. When can I call you to see if it’s even a good fit for you?”

Those are the five steps to Making a cold call.

There are some other ways to really take it to the next level but if follow these steps with enough cold prospects, you’ll see results.

I trust that you got some value from that.

Create a great day!

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