MLM Recruiting: A Simple Challenge That Most Will Fail

MLM RecruitingMLM Recruiting
What would happen if you spoke to 1200 people about your product or service or business?

Would you make more money?
Would you advance rank?
Would you qualify for more reward trips?
Would have a team?
Would have customers?
Would you have a residual income?

Even if you are terrible at prospecting, if you spoke to 1200 people about your product or service or business, you would make some drastic changes in your business.

5 People A Day
The reason why I picked 1200 people is because that is how many people you would talk to if you spoke to 5 people a day for a year and if you took weekends and one month off.

5 people a day from Monday To Friday is 25 people a week.
How many people did you talk to about your business last week?
Most network marketers are in the single digits and that’s why they don’t make it.

25 people a week x 48 weeks (taking a month off) is 1200 people.

If it was 6 people a day it would be 1440 people and if it was 10 people a day, it would be 2400 people.

5 people a day really doesn’t sound like much and it isn’t, but it’s more action than what the typical network marketer takes and you can build a successful business from it. You won’t become an 7 or an eight figure earner but it’s enough to get you out of your job.

How Long Does It Take?
So many network marketers say they don’t have time to prospect. If you are really slow and nervous and you spend 5 – 10 minutes before each call getting psyched up and you spend a lot of time with each prospect when you talk to them then it could take you an hour or more to talk to 5 people. However, if you just stay focused then talking to 5 people shouldn’t really take you more than 15- 20 minutes.

It really doesn’t take that long to call someone, build a little bit of rapport and ask them a simple question to see if they are open.
The same can be done on social media.
Reaching out to 5 people doesn’t take long.
If you are serious about building success, you can find the time to talk to 5 people each day.

When you get really comfortable with prospecting, you won’t need to put time aside to do it.
You’ll be able to do it while you are:
-driving on your morning commute
-making a sandwich
-walking your dog
-working out

It doesn’t have to take up an extra time in your day.

Challenge yourself and/or your team to talk to 5 people a day and watch what happens to your business.

Why Most Won’t Be Able To Do It
Talking to 5 people a day is easy to do. It’s also very easy not to do.
Many will try it and when they don’t get the results they are looking for they’ll quit after a couple of days or weeks. The worst part is they will probably quit just before they start really seeing results.

Others will stick to it and after they start getting results they won’t be able to stick to the challenge of talking to 5 people a day.
They realize that it’s easier than they thought.
They’ll “cheat by talking to more than 5 people a day. They might talk to 6 people or 10 people or 30 people a day and they’ll really start to see their business take off.
Some will “cheat” by talking to people on weekends or vacations.

5 people a day is something that any one who is serious about their business can do. Once you get really comfortable, you’ll lose count because it becomes a habit. You’ll prospect people without realizing that you are doing it. It’s just something that comes up in conversation and you’ll crush your goal of 5 people each day.
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