MLM Recruiting: How To Make Them Want To Buy

MLm RecruitingMLM Recruiting
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something that you could do or say that would make your prospects want to buy or join BEFORE they knew the specifics about your product, service or business?

When I first got started in this profession, I thought that a prospect would join my team because of logic. If buying my product or joining my team many any sense, then they would go ahead and do it but as we all know, buying is all about emotions, not logic.

Many network marketers think that their prospect will buy or join because of these things:
-product or service was cool
-the comp plan was cool
-the company was cool

So they lead with hype:

We have the very best product that is scientifically proven and invented by a Nobel Prize winning professor who teaches at Princeton University. We also have the best compensation plan that offers 47 different ways to get paid and a way to leverage your up line so that they build have of the business for you.

And the hype just turns their prospects off.

The real reason why someone will buy from you or join your team isn’t because the product is cool or the compensation plan is cool. They do it because YOU are cool.

Think about it. The last time you bought a car or a house or anything that cost a significant amount of money, you bought it from someone you liked. If you didn’t like them, you probably wouldn’t have bought it from them. You still may have bought it, but you would have bought it from someone else.

Build Rapport
The best way to get someone to want to buy from you is to build rapport and the best way to build rapport is to F.O.R.M them.

For those that don’t know, F.O.R.M is an acronym that stands for:

F.O.R.M is a technique that you’ve probably heard of. It was one of first techniques that was taught to me when I started this profession but I really didn’t understand the importance of it until recently.

F.O.R.M builds rapport and when you have rapport with your prospect, they want to buy from you. It doesn’t mean they will buy from you but at least they will want to buy.

When a prospect likes you, they go from being skeptical (or even cynical)  to being open minded and hoping that what you have to show them is something they will like. That is why F.O.R.M is so important.

When To Build Rapport
I tend to build rapport with a prospect a little bit in the prospecting and inviting process but mostly during the presentation process.
During the prospecting and inviting stage, I’m quick to disqualify and I’m more interested in seeing if they are open.

By the time they get to the presentation stage, I’ve already established that they are open and I F.O.R.M them.

I usually say something like this:

“Before I show you the information, let’s get to know each other a little bit to see if we are even a good fit and want to work together. Does that sound fair? ”

I want you to notice the psychology of this statement. You are making it clear that you only want to work with people that you like. You are doing a take away before the prospect even has a chance to see the information.

After they agree, simply ask them about their family, occupation, and what they like to do for fun (recreation). While you are doing that, try to find out ways that your lives are similar. You might have kids that are around the same age or you may both share a similar hobby. it will also give you a chance to learn a little bit more about why they want a change. Maybe they hate their job, or they hate their boss. Maybe they love to go fishing but they don’t have enough time.

The F.O.R.M process does 2 things: it helps you build rapport but it also gives you ammunition that is personal to your prospect as reasons why they should buy or join your team. I talk about this a little bit more in the video.

After you have built some rapport you can move forward and share your message which is a video or a presentation. If you had lead with the the presentation, you would not have prepped your prospect enough and they would have seen the information with skeptical mind instead of an open mind.

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