MLM Recruiting: How to Make Your Prospect Beg You For More Information

MLM RecruitingMLM Recruiting
Lays Potato Chips have a tag line: I bet you can’t eat just one.

Lay’s tagline indicates that once you eat one, then you’ll eat another and then another and then another. If you aren’t careful, you’ll finish the whole bag!

If wanted to sell potato chips what do you think would be more effective?

1. Telling everybody how awesome potato chips are and then force feeding it to them


2. Asking “Who wants to try some free chips?” and then offering them just one.

With this example it’s obvious to see that if you told everyone how amazing potato chips are, the probably won’t care and if you tried to shove the bag down their throat, they would resist.

The second option allows you to qualify your prospect first. Beleive it or not, there are people who don’t like potato chips so asking a simple qualifying question like “Who wants to try some free chips?” will actually save you (and them) a lot of time. If they don’t like chips then you shouldn’t spend any time trying to get them to sample them because they wouldn’t even want them and if they accepted they are doing it out of politeness.

What if you thought it was the way you pitched the potato chip and you thought, “If only I said something different” and you kept nagging your prospect after they told you they don’t want to try the potato chip? Every time you saw them you told them how amazing potato chips are and you tried to force fed them to your prospect. Do you think your prospect would get annoyed?

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

This is why most people are resistant to our profession.

Network Marketers Are Annoying
Network marketers are notorious for being annoying when they are MLM recruiting. That wouldn’t be the case if we simply qualified our prospect’s first by asking them a question like “Are you at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing?” and if (and only if) they responded positively that we tease them with just enough information to make them curious.

I talk more about this concept in the video.

Say less to more people
If I walk into a food court, the employees at the Chinese counter will almost always offer me a free sample to taste. They don’t try to convince me to buy by telling me how incredible the food tastes. They just ask me a simple qualifying question. “would you like a taste?”
As a result they get a lot of people to try and a lot of people to buy. They are saying less to more people. Those that want to try (and only those that want) will get some more time and attention.
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