MLM Recruiting: What Affects Your Prospect’s Decision To Join?

decision-making-processes1The Moment of Truth
The Moment of Truth is the moment when your prospect makes the decision of whether they will join your team or not. Most of your prospect’s decision will be based on emotion. How do they feel? How do they feel? Do they like you? Do they like the company? Do they like the team?

What affects their decisions?
Remember it’s all about how they feel about the situation, their overall impression of you. That impression starts when they first encounter you. That first encounter can happen days before they actually make that decision.

-Did you ask them recruiting questions that made them think and want to learn more or did you ask questions that turned them off.
-How did you act when you first prospected them where you arrogant, professional or laid back?
-If you set up a meeting a at a coffee shop, did it look nice and was it easy to get to?
-How did you look? How were you dressed? Did you shave? Did you brush your teeth?
-If they went to a hotel group presentation, how did the team look? How did the other prospects look?

In business, there are certain things that should not matter but they do matter.

Give Yourself The Best Chance Possible
The fact that you might have bad breath that day because you happen to eat onions before you meet your prospect does not affect whether or not your business opportunity is good or whether they will be successful in the business however it will still affect their decision to join.

Maybe your prospect likes you and they like the opportunity but they get a bad feeling simply because they get bad impression at the meeting. Maybe someone crossline from you happens to dress or act unprofessionally, or maybe it’s a guest that happens to dress or act unprofessionally. They might get turned off at joining the team because they don’t want to be associated with people like that.

The worst part is, they may never tell you why they don’t join and you’ll make the same mistake with the next prospect.

Give yourself the best chance and be aware that all interactions that your prospect has from the first phone call, to the first meeting, to how nice your car is all the way to the presentation has an affect on whether they join your team or not.

How do you give yourself the best chance?
Be aware and look for all the things that “should not matter but do” and take care of them.
If you drive a “crappy” car you don’t have to buy a new one (especially if you can’t afford it) but get to your appointments early, or park further away so your prospects don’t see you getting out of it.

It’s unfortunate that humans are superficial but it’s important to be aware that when you are recruiting someone for your team. If it was just about the facts and the figures, then we would not have to shower, shave and dress nicely before we meet the prospect.

Your prospect’s decision isn’t just  based on how cool your company is because it is ground floor with a breakthrough product and the best comp plan. There are a lot of factors that even your prospects are not aware of that are affecting their decision.  They just get a bad feeling and won’t join.

Don’t let something silly and superficial (like bad breath, or picking a noisy coffee shop) affect your prospect’s decision and not join you.

Create a great day!

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