MLM Recruiting: Why Do People Buy

buyIt’s important to know why people buy when it comes to MLM recruiting and sales.

People buy for 2 reasons:
1. Because they want to
2. Because they see value.

Network marketers often forget the first part and try to compensate for it by portraying a lot of value in the product/service that they are selling.

Let’s pretend that you are selling steaks.
High quality, kobe beef, expertly seasoned etc.
You can talk about how awesome the steaks are but you are wasting your breath if you are not talking to someone that even wants steaks. You could be talking to a vegan. It doesn’t matter how much value you try to stack on to make the steaks look good, A vegan will never buy it.

People buy based on THEIR VALUES FIRST.
Their values were in place long before you showed up to sell them your product.

Many network marketers think that if they show someone how much their product is needed that people will buy it.
Let’s remember that people buy based on emotion not whether or not they need it.
For example:
Nobody needs a Big Mac. Nobody. They are unhealthy.
But everybody needs to buy organic fruits and vegetables. Everybody does. They are better for you and have less chemicals and pesticides.

Based on the facts, more people should buy organic produce than Big Macs however more Big Macs are sold. Why? Because people like them.

So when you are talking to a prospect/customer. Make sure that before you show the all the value, that they are the right person.

How do you find out if they are the right person?
Have a conversation with them and listen to areas of dissatisfaction in their life.
If you are recruiting for your opportunity and you need some questions to help you find out if they want more money or time or if they are dissatisfied with their job, then pick up my free mp3 audio called “Recruiting Questions That Work”. You can get it here:

If you are digging around and wondering if they would be a good candidate for your product, then steer the conversation towards problems your product solves.
If you sell a weight loss shake, talk about dieting and exercise.
If you sell an anti aging cream, talk about wrinkles.

If you bring up problems that your product/opportunity solves and your prospect isn’t interested, then they are not a good person to try and sell too.

Will this save you sometime and help you from trying to sell to someone that will never buy? Let me know in the comments below.

Create a great day!

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