MLM Retail: What If Your Prospect Only Wants To Be A Customer?

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Many network marketers have dreams of growing a productive team that duplicates. So what happens when they take the time to contact, invite and present to a prospect and when it’s time to do the close, the prospect says:

I like this. I don’t really want to start a business but I would like to be a customer.

Many network marketers will get disappointed if their prospect only wants to be a customer. They were hoping that their prospect would join their team. So they make a cardinal mistake.

Mistake #1: Trying To Convince Your Prospect To Join
If your prospect wants to be a customer, that’s great! That’s how businesses make money. They sell a product or a service for a profit.

The over zealous amateur network might say,

But if they love the product so much then why wouldn’t they want to sell it or build a business around it?

Imagine this:

Think about your favorite cup of coffee. It might be Starbucks or if you are in Canada, it’s Tim Horton’s.
You buy this coffee every day.
What if the barista asks you if you wanted to sell the coffee?
“You love it right? Why wouldn’t you want to start business doing it?”she says.
You politely decline and continue to buy the coffee. Except she asks you to start a business and sell the coffee every single time when you simply want to buy a cup.
You simply want to be a customer.
You also start to get emails telling you the benefits of starting a business with your favorite cup of coffee. You start getting annoying phone calls about it on regular basis.

Would this turn you off? It might turn you off enough to stop being a customer.

If your prospect is happy being a customer, then let them be a happy customer.

Losing one customer might not seem like a big deal but what if you turned off all of your customers this way. You could have had dozens of customers buy each and every month that each gave you residual income. Even at only $10 per month. If you had 20 customers, that would add up to $200 residual every month.

That still might not sound like a lot but what if you could teach all of your down line to do that?
What would that do for your business volume?
Would you advance rank if each of your down line 10 – 20 customers?
Would you have less people on your team quitting if they each had 10 -20 customers?

If your prospect wants to be a customer, then let them be a customer. If they start referring you business then perhaps remind them that they can build a business but don’t be pushy about it. If you are too pushy, you’ll might lose them as a customer and all of their referral business as well.

By the way when you have even just small handful of customers, it makes it so much easier to recruit.

Heads up! You are probably wondering how to get customers. I talk about that and simple script that I have personally used to get dozens of customers in my free mp3 “How To Start Momentum In Your Network Marketing Business” I’ve shared this technique with my down line and also my coaching clients to create success in Network Marketing. You can get it here:

There’s another very common mistake that network marketers make when their prospect only wants to be a customer. I focus on it in this video.

Customers are essential for a profitable business. Don’t lose focus and underestimate the power of a happy customer.

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