MLM Scams:The Shocking Truth How Network Marketers Are Scammers

MLM ScamsMLM Scams
Ok. I’ll just say it. Network marketers are scammers. Certainly not all of them are but many are.

Network marketing’s reputation is getting better but for the most part, there is a stigma attached to it. Many people call it a pyramid scheme or a scam.

Why is that?

If you ask a network marketer they’ll say it’s because people are ignorant or they have been programmed and brainwashed. They say that jobs are the real pyramid.

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So how are network marketers scammers?
I’ve been part of the MLM profession for 14 years. It isn’t network marketing that is a scam, it’s only some network marketers that are scammers. Most of them don’t realize that they are scamming their prospects. Some people that they are scamming are their own close family and friends.

Let me explain.

Many network marketers are disillusioned with the reality of our profession. They think that because they are part of the best company with the best comp plan that growing their business is easy. They say silly things that to convince their friends and family to join. Things like:

This is so easy! You’d be great at this!


Just save your spot and we’ll build your business for you.

And that’s the scam. People are lying to their own flesh and blood saying that building an MLM business is easy.

You know as well as I do that this business isn’t easy. It never was. Anything worth doing isn’t easy.

What happens when your prospect (who trusts you because they are your friend or family member) puts down a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars only to find out that it’s not as easy as they were told?

They quit.

And now, whenever you see them at a family get together, they avoid you and things are awkward. You lied to them and wasted their time and money. Your prospect gets a garage full of product they don’t really want and you get a small commission. You also lose a friendship.

The worst part is that you think of them as a “quitter that doesn’t want it bad enough”. They are “lazy” and they won’t even try to build a team.

Do you want to know why?

Maybe they don’t want to build a team because that’s how they were recruited. They were promised that they only need to save their spot and that it was easy. They were promised that their business was going to built for them.

Stop The Nonsense
When you recruit with false hype, you are attracting quitters and the lazy. If you have to tell someone that this profession is easy in order for them to join, then they simply are not a good fit and you don’t want them on your team.

The Truth Is Good Enough
What if you told someone the truth?

What if instead of telling them that it’s easy, you told them what the real work would look like and they still wanted to join?

Wouldn’t someone like that be a much better fit?
Wouldn’t someone like that be more likely to work and less likely to quit?
Wouldn’t you want someone like that on your team?

Lying to people and telling them it’s easy is a scam so if someone on your team is doing it, they are making you, your. company and our profession look bad.

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