MLM Skills: How To Guarantee Rank Advancement Even If You Are Busy

MLM skillsMLM Skills
Rank advancement should be one of your short term goals. Rank advancement is fun because a number of things happen when you advance rank.
1. You get a bonus check
2. You get recognized and celebrated in front of your peers
3. You get an achievement pin.

How To Rank Advance
When I first got started in this profession, I used to set up a goal at the beginning of of the month to advance to my next rank but I often wouldn’t make my goals a reality. It was quite disappointing.
I would try again the next month and I would get disappointed once again.

It wasn’t until I switched my goals from results based goals to action based goals, that I started to really make some progress.

Action Based Goals
Action based goals are better than results based goals because you can control whether or not you can make the goal a reality.
If I set a results based goal of signing 5 people up to join my team, I really can’t make that happen. I could actually work my butt off and still not make my goal and it would lead to disappointment.

However, if I set an action based goal like talk to 10 people about my business everyday., that is something that I can control. I’ll have a better chance of reaching that goal and I’ll be less likely to be disappointed.

This very act of achieving a goal sets momentum in motion. Once you start momentum it’s easier to keep going, develop a habit and eventually leads to results. Also, when you reach a goal it just feels better. When you feel better, you work harder, you are more pleasant to be around and people are more likely to buy from you.

Develop Good Habits
Develop habits that make success inevitable. Make your habits so defined that if someone looks at them, they can’t help but think, “Of course s/he’s going to be successful, look at the action they are taking.”

In order for you to rank advance you don’t have to go on a 90 day blitz and take all out massive action. (It certainly wouldn’t hurt.) You might be too busy or have too many responsibilities or you may not want success bad enough to do a blitz. However, if you are taking your business seriously, you can contact 5 – 30 people each day. If you think your are too busy, then read my blog post: How To Find Time For MLM Prospecting When You Are Busy

Can you spare 15 minutes a day?
If you spent 15 minutes a day reaching out to just 5 people, by the end of the month you would have have contacted 150 people. How many people did you talk to last month? Most network marketers probably only talk to less than 10 people per month. It doesn’t take long to talk those 5 people if you are focused.

There are people that have less time than you, that are less talented than you, that have less money that you and have less skill than you but they will still become successful in this profession simply because they are willing to work smarter and harder than everyone else.

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