MLM Skills: How To Stay Motivated Even When You Are Frustrated

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You probably know that long term success in this profession is all about having one of the MLM skills of being consistent and persistent. But it can be hard to stay persistent if you don’t have another one of the important MLM skill of being motivated to take action. If you are motivated buy you need help with staying consistent then read my blog post called “How To Stay Consistent Everyday”

I was taught that to stay motivated then you need to get a why. Get a why that will make you cry and that’s what will keep you motivated.
I remember thinking that once I get to super star double diamond in my company, then I would really be living the life. I would get a dream home and buy several cars. I would go on dream vacations and spend more time with family.

However, most of the time our why seems so far away and so unreachable that it just isn’t motivating.

If I had prepaid for 10 people to an all expenses paid luxury cruise, would you want to come?

Would you be excited about it?

What if I told you the that the cruise wouldn’t be until 2025?

Not so exciting anymore is it?

That’s what having a long term why is like. It’s just so far away that it often isn’t motivating enough for you to want to take action today.

Short Term Goals
An easy to trick to staying motivated is have short term goals in addition to having a long term term why. Set up some rewards and celebrate the small victories along the way.

What will you do with the commission of your next sign up? It won’t be enough to buy a dream car but you could use part of it to go out to dinner with your family.

A dinner with family this weekend will motivate many people much more than getting a dream car in the next couple of years.

What will will you do with the next rank bonus? Depending on its size you could use part of it to take your family on a vacation.

The point is this. If you aren’t taking action, it’s because you just aren’t motivated. For me, it’s the short term goals that motivate me to take action everyday. We live in a microwave society, so long terms goals are nice however they aren’t motivating enough for most people to take action everyday. This is especially ture on days when you are tired and just don’t feel like working your business.

The best part about long term whys and short term goals is that you don’t have to pick one or the other. You can have both.
When you do set up both, its often the short term goals that will keep you in the game and prevent you from quitting.

Every time you get a short term goal you get closer and closer to getting your big why.

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