MLM Success | 2 mistakes to avoid

MLM Success| 2 mistakes to avoid- If you want to achieve MLM success, then make sure that you avoid these 2 deadly mistakes. You can do EVERYTHING else wrong but you avoid these mistakes then you will be successful. You can EVERYTHING else right but if you make these mistakes then you will fail.

1. They aren’t talking to enough people.
When I first started in network marketing I was one of those people who would invite a handful of people to our weekly meeting and having either 1 person show up or nobody at all show up. After a month I had 3 people exposed to the business and nobody joined me.
I talked to my sponsor and I proceeded to tell her that I’m talking to a “ton” of people. When she asked how many it was only 7.


In my mind, I thought that I was talking to a lot of people and doing a lot of work. I was listening to the company training and getting my home office ready but I wasn’t talking to enough people.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

2. They are talking too much
Often we are so excite about our business that we want to tell everything about the business.  The product/service is amazing, the compensation plan is rocking, the company is brand new or rock solid, etc.

We heard it before, be the messenger not the message. Your job isn’t to convince or sell, it’s to invite.

Don’t spill the beans.

When you are inviting someone to take a look at your business, pretend that you are telling them to watch a movie.
If you told them about a movie, you would go into all the details because it would ruin the movie for them.

If you go into all the details on the first exposure, then you will ruin the business for them.
Tell them just enough so that they want to come see.

Learn to be busy and shut up and once you get a commitment get off the phone.

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