MLM Success- 6 Words That Will Make Your 3 Way Calls Easier And More Effective

3 way calling






One of the biggest road blocks to MLM Success is that you try to do it alone.
This profession is so much easier if you use the help of you upline mentor.
3rd party validation is very important in this profession.

If you prospect joins they want to make sure that this is working. If your prospect is warm, you might not have the credibiltiy. Use your upline mentors to establish that crediblitiy.
When your prospect asks you a question, even if it’s something simple that you know the answer to, just get your upline mentor on the phone. Find an excuse to get them on the phone so they can do all the closing for you.

This does 2 things: It takes the pressure off of you and it also makes the process duplicateable.

Some people already know this but they don’t know how to transition.
It doesn’t have to be fancy:
“Please allow me to conference call my upline mentor so that he can answer that question on my behalf.”As a matter fact, if it is fancy like that, it might seem too difficult to your prospect and discourage them from joining.

Instead make it simple.

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I use 6 words…
Are you ready for them?

“Can you hold on a sec?”

That’s it.

You ask that, your prospect will say, “yes”
And when you come back on the line, your mentor is on the phone with you.

I told it was easy!

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