MLM Success: Getting the Most Out of Your Time

If you want to have success in MLM, then you must realize that you need to getting the most out of your time.
We spend so much of our time waiting.
We wait in line for groceries and movie tickets
We at appointments for doctors and prospects
We wait in traffic.
Instead use that time to be more productive.
We see so many people talking on their phones with their wireless headsets and many of them are just chatting with friends.
Instead why don’t you make use of your time waiting doing something productive?
You could call a prospect, you could read some personal development or you could even record a video.

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Just like I say in the video, work your business like you read a book.
When you have a book that you like, you bring it everywhere and you read whenever you can.
Why not do the same thing with income producing activities in your business?

One call here and there might not seem like a lot but what if you just did 1 call a day for 5 days a week?
5 x 52 is 260 more contacts per year. Would that change your business?

What if you did 2 or 5 extra calls a day?

What if you team did that?

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