MLM Success: How to book an appointment 100% of the time

If you want to get MLM Success then understand that it is a numbers game. One thing to understand that Network marketers don’t get paid on the hours that they spend on a business like traditional job.  We all know plenty of people who study their company materials, spend time on personal development and getting trained but they aren’t making money.

They get paid for making sales and collecting yes decisions.

The number of yes decisions that you are able to collect has a strong correlation with the amount of eyeballs see a presentation, or the amount of ears that hear a presentation.

And that has a direct correlation with how many successful invitations you are able to make.

Many don’t know how to effectively invite so they are “dead in the water.”

This script will get a near 100% booking ratio.

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1. Be in hurry: “Bob, real quick I’m in a rush.”
2. Are you free at X?
3. Cool, I’ll coming over/I’ll call you then… I need to talk to you about something, I gotta run.
4. What is it? Don’t worry about it, I’ll see you at 7 I gotta run.

So simple but so powerful. Use it and tell me about your success!

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