MLM Success: Is this a pyramid?

Along your journey to MLM Sucess, if you are prospecting a lot. No matter how good you are at prospecting, you are sooner or later gonna get the line, “Is this a pyramid?”

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There are a couple of things that you could say.
One of the popular things to say is this:
“Well do you have a boss and do they have a boss and do they have a boss?”
“It sounds to me like you are in a pyramid.”


While this may make you feel good, like you trumped their argument,
In the end it makes them feel bad and if they feel bad they are less likely to join you.
Even if you are right.

“You can be right or you can be rich.”~ Chad Wade

Instead of saying something that makes you prospect feel bad, here are 2 alternatives that work really well.

1. “A Pyramid? Of course not!”
2. “A Pyramid? No sorry, if you are looking for a pyramid, then I can’t help you. This isn’t one of those.




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