MLM Success: Lessons from “The Karate Kid”

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A lot can be picked up about becoming successful in MLM from films. Today’s video is about the karate kid.

I have 2 clips that I have actually enjoyed that are part of the karate kid.

The first one is here:.

If you are strolling on the street, if you are one side that’s terrific. If you are on the opposite, that’s terrific too. If you are in the middle … You will get struck by a vehicle.

Same thing with the karate. If you want to do karate, then excellent! Do it!
If you don’t want to then thats fine too!
However you just kinda wanna attempt karate … you will get butchered in the tournaments.

And the same thing enters MLM you are either in or you are out.
If you are just in a bit then you will fail. Don’t be that casualty.

The second clip is this:.

Mr. Miyagi is training Daniel in karate nevertheless the workouts that he makes Daniel experience simply do not make good sense to Daniel.
It isn’t really up until the lessons are almost over that EVERYTHING makes sense.
The same goes for the career of Network Marketing.
You will be provided assignments that might not make any sense. However if you do them, you will be successful.
You won’t recognize till the lessons are practically over.

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