MLM Success Secret: 5 Things To Consider When Joining a start up MLM

There’s always a lot of start up MLM’s popping up and there is always an allure of being first in a ground floor opportunity.

You get to be first.  You are at the top of the food chain.  You can be involved with the company’s growth and development

Here are 5 things to consider when you join a start up MLM.

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Consider this:
1. 95% of MLM companies fail with in the first 5 years.
95% of the rest won’t make it until the 10 year mark.  Any company that is 11+ years old will be around for a while and is proven to be successful. With a start up, it’s all about “What if” and the odds are against you. Don’t bet your family’s future against odds like that.
2. They can’t keep up with the fast growth.
They simply don’t have extra money to keep up with demand and to buy more inventory. This results in loss of sales and loss of credibility.
3. They Compensation plan will change (this is a fact)
Compensation plans change. A start up company’s comp plan is not tested. They don’t know if it will work. They don’t know if it is too hard or too easy. Either one will result in the failure of the company if the compensation plan doesn’t change. Once a comp plan changes there will be many independent reps who will be very excited and there will be many who are disappointed and they will quit.
4. There is a lack of good marketing tools.
This one is important. It’s hard to go out and promote a company with just an idea or perhaps a brochure. Sometimes they have one or 2 nice videos but that’s it. Sometimes reps look at a video and they say, “I wish it had this or that”. That rarely happens in an established company. There are usually dozens and dozens of marketing vids, brochures, websites, phone apps etc to choose from. The best part is that the marketing materials have been proven for the last 10 years.
5.  There is a lack of good training materials.
This one is the biggest one. Part of joining an MLM is the fact that there is a system. While a start up may have some things taken care of like the manufacturing, the distribution and customer service, they don’t have the rest of a very important part of the system and that is training and duplication.
All you have to do is sell, promote and build your team.
If you don’t know how to do that then it will take time to learn. Most people have neither the mental or financial toughness to do that.
In an established MLM everything is set in place for you to plug into and duplicate. The training is in place and it is proven.
I’m sure that this helps.

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