MLM Success Secret: The Curse of Comparing

If you desire MLM success know that you should not be comparing yourself to others.

Thoughts like that do not serve you.

“Comparitis” is the fastest way to frustration in MLM.


1 of 2 things will happen

1. You are doing better than others, you begin to become lax in your efforts. When that happens your group will do the same and it implies doom to your business. Always stay inĀ building mode.

2. You will feel inadequate and you will get dissuaded.

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Success is CONSTANTLY earned. There are no short cuts. If someone is new to theĀ profession or to your company and it knocking it out of the park, you might feel like they haven’t yet made it.

Understand that the earning does not need to be in your business. Maybe they ran an effective business before and they are taking those abilities and using them to this career. Who knows exactly how they earned it. If they didn’t truly earn it then do not stress over it. I’m a strong believer that the universe will make things right.

The only individual that you must be comparing yourself to is you. Is your sales volume enhancing this month or lowering this month. Are your success routines in line this month compared to last month? If you compare yourself to you, then you’ll be on the right track.

You’ll discover if you are enhancing and you can celebrate the victory. Or you’ll see that you lowering and you make modifications to stop that trend. Your success depends on you. The means you feel about your development in this business depends on you.

Got it?

Excellent now do it!

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