MLM Success Secrets: The 3 Cs of inviting properly

If you want MLM Success then you have to understand ways to welcome correctly. If you follow the 3 Cs then you will be on the right track.

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Curiosity: Remember that your goal when you call somebody is to invite them to a visit where you can share more info. Make them curious enough to come. If they ask concerns, they may be asking to rule out the opportunity as opposed to because they are interested. Provide them just enough to make them starving however not enough to satisfy their hunger.

Commitment: Once you get them curious then book a visit. It could be for a 1 on 1 coffee shop consultation, it could be a webinar, it could be a home meeting or a hotels and resort conference just book the appointment.

Control: The 3rd one is the most crucial and that is control. You have to CONTROL YOURSELF from responding to any concerns and getting off the phone. If you address 1 concern, then they will ask another and afterwards another then suddenly your invitation becomes a discussion.

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