MLM Success: Slow and Steady Does NOT Win the Race.

The Tortoise and the Hare:

Many people, in fact most people, when they start off in MLM for whatever reason they go SLOW.
They figure that even if they go SLOW, they will eventually make it.
In theory, it makes sense however, if you go slow you will end up getting frustrated and quit before your business even has a chance to take off.

Let me show you.
In most MLM compensation plans, you only need 2-3 good leaders in the right spots in your organization.
Typically, you have to recruit 10 – 20 people just to find 1 leader.
If you go fast and recruit 1-2 people a week then you will find your leaders within 6 months.
If you go slow and only recruit 1 person a month, it will take you a year or two to find your leaders.
Chances are that by then you’ll be frustrated and you’ll have quit the business.

Being the tortoise simply does not work.

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What I invite you to do is to be the hare first. Find your 2 -3 or more leaders and then become the tortoise for a while. Once you’ve rested for a little bit (and I mean a little) then become the hare again and go full force.

You do that you’ll be financially free in 3 -7 years rather than dead broke after 40 years (like in a typical job)

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