MLM Success: The Learning is in the Doing.

Many people in mlm have a bad habit of thinking that they have to know EVERYTHING.

Most of the learning is from the doing.  If you want to learn how to talk to people on the phone then talk to more people on the phone.  You’ll figure it out.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake or screwing things up.  If you truly commit to that then you currently have all the tools you need to be wildly successful in this profession.

One of the greatest things in this profession is that you have unlimited tries to get it right. If you want to achieve the success that you are looking for in MLM then you must be willing to take action.   I find many people saying, “I’ll take action once I know everything.”  You will never know everything.   What’s most important is that take action and start.  You can’t avoid the mistakes.  The only way to avoid mistakes is to not take action which is the BIGGEST mistake of all.

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Think of riding a bike.  You can TRY to learn everything there is to know about riding a bike, you can read books, listen to audios, attend lectures and watch videos but you won’t learn how to ride the bike unless you get on the bike and take action!


Will you fall?



But you will make the necessary adjustments (by fixing and refining) and you will eventually ride the bike.

The same goes for your action in this profession.  Most of the learning is in the doing.


Will you make mistakes?



But just like riding the bike, you will make the necessary adjustments (by fixing and refining) until you get it right.


When riding the bike, the more mistakes you make, the faster you learn.


So go out and make some mistakes.

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