MLM Success Tip [video]: 1 Thing To Change To Attract More Leads

don't bash










It’s Kenny Santos with another MLM Success Tip.
In MLM he who attracts more reps and customers makes the most money.
One way to do that is to be very positive and to NOT BASH anyone.
This goes for other reps, other companies, other comp plans and especially jobs.

If you question someone’s belief, they will resist you.

Saying that having a job “sucks” and trying to force that belief on to someone else is just as bad as trying to convince someone that their religion sucks.  You won’t get very far.

Instead of bashing, try using an alternative.
“You can always do this in addition to your current job and if you like you can quit your job later.”

Bashing in any light, makes you look weak.  Like you are trying to hide something.

It simply isn’t attractive.


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