MLM Success Tip: Become a Master at Sampling

If you wish to do well in MLM among the best means is to sample your product. When you do that the product does all the selling and telling for you so that you don’t have too. Sampling is great due to the fact that it’s really duplicatable and it’s something that anybody in your group can do. Many people just have no idea how to effectively sample.

Watch the video as the sampling procedure is explained.

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Example Sampling Script:

“I’m part of a company that distributes x and part of what I do is hand out samples…   “

“I would like you to try my company’s all natural energy drink (healthy alternative to an energy drink).  It’s called Matcha.  It’s not loaded with sugar.  It’s comes from matcha green tea, it’s all natural and it’s really good for you.  One thing that I’m going to let you know, it looks green, it tastes great, you are going to feel fantastic and you are going to want some more. (And I will help you get it)”

While you are both holding it, state this …

“Wait a sec, I have to ask you 3 things:
1.  If I give this to you, will you try it?
2. Great, When will you try it?
3. Great, when can I call you so I can see what you like the most?”


75 % of the time they won’t have an issue giving you their contact (name, number, e-mail).

25 % they could provide you resistance, I see your details right here, I’ll just call you. If you do get resistance make certain that you say something like this.

“My sampling program requires me that if I give a sample to you, then I get your contact information so that I can be responsible  for finding out what you like the most.”

If you still get resistance then don’t give them the sample.  Nicely take it back.

Sampling is super fun, super duplicatable and it gets you results in your business.

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