MLM Success Tip [video]: Quick Success Factor

Often many network marketers experience frustration when they don’t get quick success.

They see others make 4 or even 5 figure first month income and they wonder how it’s done.

They ask, “What did these people say to their friends and family? I want to say that too!”

It just doesn’t work that way.  

Unfortunately when you start out, you can’t just mimic what someone else did and expect to get the same results.

“You are either punished and rewarded for your life BEFORE Network Marketing”~Eric Worre

If you are recognized as a savvy business person, then you can go to your friends and family and say, “I’m starting this business and the first 10 people that join are going to make it big. Do you want to be one of them?”

That won’t work if you are young and working at the 7-11.

If that’s the case, then I suggest taking a different approach.

Also, if you were someone that shows up to your friends events, birthdays, kids birthdays, showed support at plays and recitals etc then you will at least be more likely to have people have a look at what you are doing.

One the flip side, if you are a little bit of a loner and you were not very social then sometimes your friends and family won’t even look.

Something to think about.

All is not lost if you are part of the latter category, you just have to change the way you approach your warm market.

Create a great day!

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