MLM Success Tip [video]: Sell What It Does, Not What it is.

It’s Kenny Santos with another MLM Success tip.
When you are promoting your MLM product or service, you’ll get a lot more sales if you state the benefits vs the features.


As a registered nurse, I used to explain the science behind my product and I wouldn’t get as many sales.

There are 2 reasons for this:
1. Most people really don’t care about the science, they just care if it works and what kind of results they can expect.
2. For those that might be considering joining the business opportunity, they may think they need to know the science in order to sell it.

In the end, talk about the benefits.
I am currently in a coffee company and yes it’s a healthier coffee but I get more sales based on the fact that it tastes better and it’s less expensive than what they are currently using.

If you are selling a weight loss product, tell them about the benefit of having more energy, looking sexier, fitting into nicer clothes.

If you are selling an energy drink, talk about cost, or about how there is no crash (not why there is no crash, most don’t care)

If you are selling travel, sell the memories and the bonds they will build with their family.

Talk about the benefits, not about what it is.

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