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Success Comes by Entering the FEAR Zone, Not the Comfort Zone.Let me explain.One of my biggest “beefs” today is that…

Posted by Robert Blackman on Sunday, May 24, 2015

It’s Kenny Santos and today I must share a status update that a fb friend of mine shared.

It’s some amazing, eye opening information regarding the main differences between internet marketing and network marketing.

If I’m being honest with myself, the lines were blurred for me but they have become more and more clear in the past couple of years and crystal clear today because of this post.

You can see the original post here:

but for your convenience, I’ve copied and pasted it here for you to read.

Success Comes by Entering the FEAR Zone, Not the Comfort Zone.
Let me explain.

One of my biggest “beefs” today is that some people think that because you can generate a lead and sign them up without every TALKING to them that you are a Network Marketer.

You aren’t.

You’re an Internet Marketer with one lost soul who will quit in 90 days unless you and them engage with one another.

Said plainly:

“If all that was required to be successful in Network Marketing was a landing page and buying traffic the Network Marketing companies would fire the distributors and just do that themselves.”

– Internet marketing is one animal.

– Network Marketing is another animal.

– You can combine them for a third animal.

See where it gets confusing for the new person?

Three different models to learn (or think they have to learn, which is the key of this article.)

No other time in our 60+ year profession have we seen people join so many different Network Marketing programs at once, or change programs so often and so quickly.

That’s the affect that the Internet has had on Network Marketers.

They “flame out” quickly online.

Very few companies can dominate both the warm and cold markets at the same time. (Offline and Online markets).

It takes special leadership both at corporate and in the field to do BOTH at the same time properly.

But, back to fear.

I don’t know of one successful Network Marketer who hasn’t had to enter the FEAR ZONE in order to succeed.

Fear doesn’t go away there.

You just learn to manage it.

The Comfort Zone can be portrayed as simple as this:

– Join
– Choose a landing page
– Get an autoresponder
– Use my pre-written letters
– Insert your rep link
– Buy traffic
– Never list your phone number
– Don’t talk to your family or friends
– Spam the heck out of all your social media friends
– Succeed beyond your wildest dreams

That’s the “New Model” that’s being taught today.

And, that’s not just my opinion either.

That definition above is not mine.

It comes from my coaching clients when I ask them what they were told about marketing their Network Marketing business online.

Not my words, but their uplines words.

A quote that I posted earlier today was:

“There’s many ways to skin a cat, but the cats hate them all.”

Network Marketing Translation:

“There are many ways to build your Network Marketing business, but the reps hate them all.”

So, they pack up and head for the COMFORT ZONE way of building a group.

Look you are going to have to change in order to achieve your goals.

If not, then you’d already be were you want to be with your current skill sets, routine and activities.

You are where you are today based on what fear you’ve already overcome or you’ve avoided.

If you find yourself where you have NEVER made a profit in your business, then it’s time to evaluate your actions.

A client of mine has spent over $10,000 on his credit cards the last two years and has sponsored around 30 people.

None of those people put anyone in over those two years and none of those 30 are still active.

He hired me for help.

He never talked to anyone.

He was told that was creating “weakness” in his group and to just keep buying more traffic and overcome the drop out rates.

He went $10k in debt following that advice.

When I asked him if he knew the difference between Network Marketing and Internet Marketing he said:

“Aren’t they the same thing?”

Herein lies the problem today.

This is one of the biggest reasons so many people OPENLY jump from program to program two, three even four times a year.

Unlike being a doctor or engineer, everyone can do Network Marketing.

Not all will, but all can.

Anyone, from any walk of life can duplicate a system.

Google your companies name today.

Tell me what you find on the left hand side of the page and the right hand side of the page.

That tells you who has “organically” cornered the market and those that have “paid” to corner the market in your company.

How can “YOU” compete with your upline, crossline and even downline on Google?

And, if you do, how can your downline now compete with you?

See how this doesn’t duplicate down forever.

It’s a limited duplication model.

Thus, the need to change programs every year or so.

It’s nothing against the online marketing people, as I”m one of them.

It’s more of a REALITY of marketing your Network Marketing business online.

I’m not against it, as I do it.
I’m not bashing it, as I do it.
I’m revealing the reality of it, as I’ve been hired by CEO’s and top reps to figure it out for them.

The problem is it’s not 100% duplicatable in a business model that requires 100% duplication to work LONG TERM…like for the rest of your life long term.

Now, I’ve taken it to a higher level.

I use the internet to build locally.

I get local reps to call me, fill out forms and then go to a monthly meeting to join.

That’s how I combine both online with offline.

I’ve had the company hire me and my team to dominate SEO and PPC and Google so the company is generating those leads and then they get distributed to the field.

That’s how everyone can dominate your companies name on search engines and how the company can help control the message and insure that advertising ethics are met.


It’s what is required to enter and learn to manage in order for you to be successful long term.

And, and more importantly, for your team to do the same.

They have to duplicate you.

When my client asked me why he was failing I asked him about his leadership upline.

They had been in 3 programs in three years.

Each one had been promoted as the “Last program you’ll ever have to join”.

That they had “found it” and all the secrets would be revealed.

I told him he was just duplicating his leadership.

It started to sink in what I was saying.

He told me that he laughed at me when I wrote an article about creating $10,000 a month in income in 10 years.

$1,000 at the end of year one, $2,000 at the end of year two, etc.

He and his upline shared some funny remarks online about how old school I was and that I was closed minded, etc.

The Fear Zone is that you will have to enter it and learn how to manage your fear as you are going to have to deal with people.

People are your asset in this business.

Not a website.

If people are your asset, then you have to learn how to deal with people.

Most people are afraid to do that…people scare them.

They don’t want people to know about them as they are now.

They want to wait until they become successful before they talk to people.

So, they chase online riches to do that…and what most end up with is a ton of credit card debt.

Self-Development is necessary to become free in this business.

Not a secret traffic source or some witty emails that convince people to join.

This is the “New Era” of Network Marketing folks.

It’s not going away.

Those that embrace the Internet and learn how to dominate their companies name and product line in conjuction with their upline and the approval of management are the ones that will win.

Not just today.
Not just for six months.
Not just until the next big “LAUNCH”

But, for the rest of their lives!

Wasn’t that incredible?
What are your thoughts on this?


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