MLM Success Tip [video]: 2 Ways To Lower Attrition On Your Team

network marketing quittersIt’s Kenny Santos with an mlm success tip.
Do you ever get frustrated in your MLM business?

If you haven’t gotten frustrated in your MLM business then don’t worry….

Sooner or later, frustration will come!

Most people get frustrated with the attrition rate in their MLM.

They spend so much time and effort recruiting people and trying to build their team but many people end up quitting.

Here are 2 things that you can do to really lower your attrition rate.

1. Stop trying to convince people to join your team.
You want people who are hungry and that want to make changes in their life.
You don’t want people that are going to treat their business like a lottery ticket.
Don’t tell them, “It’s easy, I’ll build a team for you, just save your spot” or any other nonsense like that. That will just result in a lot of uncommitted, unproductive people.

Instead of convincing someone to join your team, qualify them instead.

Ask them questions like this:
“Are you at all open to a side project, that didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”
“Why would you join a business like this?”
“I’m looking for someone that is ready to work and put a minimum of x hours a week into this. Are you even open to that?”

If you use questions like this, your team will be less likely to quit.

2. Help them make money as soon as possible.
Don’t leave them on their own, or tell them to study something, or bring people to the meeting.

Instead, set a a training meeting with them within the first 24 – 48 hours of them joining. Have them bring a list of potential business partners and customers. Also have them study and practice a prospecting script.

That first meeting should mostly consist of them doing 2 things:
a. Calling to get customers
b. Calling to set up business presentations.

Use these 2 tips and your recruiting will go towards actually growing your business rather than replacing team members that have quit or are inactive.

Create a great day!

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