MLM Success Tip [video]: Are your goals greedy enough?


It’s Kenny Santos with another MLM Success Tip.

Many Network Marketers want to make more money but their goals are not motivating enough for them to take action.

They what I call “Miss America” Goals.
“I want to build an orphanage in South America”
“I want to help the homeless.”
“I want to feed the hungry.”

Those are great goals but often they are not emotional and exciting enough to stop MLMers from procrastinating.
If you keep procrastinating, you’ll never take action and you’ll never achieve any success in Network Marketing.
You will let life get in the way and then you will eventually quit.

It’s ok to have smaller greedy goals if that is what it takes for you to take action.

It doesn’t matter if those smaller greedier goals include having a bigger tv, or a nicer car or going on a luxury vacation.

Achieving those greedy goals will get you closer to your “Miss America” Goals.

So what are some of your greedy goals?

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