MLM Success Tip [video]: Doing what’s “Good Enough” – The Calendar Method


Success in MLM isn’t just about the scripts or the techniques.
It’s about persistence and more importantly consistency.

Persistence without consistency is absolutely heartbreaking. You keep trying and giving up and trying and giving up and you go through a roller coaster of emotion and you never get any long term results.

Often you may go to a training or you listen to a motivating audio or see an inspirational video and think to yourself,

“I’m gonna go all out for the next 6 months!”
“I’m going to prospect 100 people each day for the next 90 days!’
“I’m going to get 50 Nos a day for the next year!”

If you can do that then great!
But most people cannot keep up that sort of activity for extended periods of time.

Instead of doing unreasonable actions which anyone can do for a short time, do reasonable actions consistently everyday.

Figure out what’s “good enough” activity for each day.
It might be prospecting 2 people and reading a personal development book for 15 mins each day.
It might be more activity than that.
Whatever it is you think is “good enough” then make sure that you can do it everyday.
Remember, you can always do more than what’s ‘good enough” but make sure you do your minimums everyday.
Even if all you do is prospect 2 people a day, that’s 60 people a month and that’s more than what 90 percent of network marketers.
The Calendar Method:
If you do what’s good enough, then mark it off on a calendar.
There is some magic that happens when you mark something down as complete.
The idea is that you get to look at your activity week after week and month after month and never break the chain.

I did something similar with my blog. I decided that doing 3-4 blog posts every week was good enough and as you can see in my picture, I was able to do that and I’m very proud of that.



Each x in the picture represents a blog post.  I told myself that 4 blog posts a week was “good enough”

***You don’t have to apply this only to your Network Marketing Business. It can be applied to your diet or exercise program.

So let me ask you this.

What’s the activity that’s “good enough” for your everyday activity?

Create a great day!

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